Hammered Dulcimer

2020: All Private Lessons, Group Classes, and Activities are Suspended Until Further Notice! Please enjoy this site as a resource for study methods and free music. 

Please keep making music through the pandemic. It’s good for your health!


We are thrilled to add hammered dulcimer lessons and group classes to our folk music school!

Are hammered dulcimer lessons at Chicory Folk Music School right for you?

  1. Are you 100% new to the hammered dulcimer, or ready to start from the beginning?
  2. Can you read music, or are you willing to learn?
  3. Would you like to learn to play beautiful arrangements by well-known HD musicians such as Maggie Sansone, Ruth Smith, Madeleine MacNeill, Anne Lough, Ken Kolodner, Carrie Crompton, and more?
  4. Would you like to learn to arrange music for yourself?
  5. Would you enjoy playing in a group with friends, and learning how to play in a jam?

If this sounds like you, please call, text, or email for lessons!

Hammered dulcimer students will learn to read music, starting with traditional modal scales and chords. We will practice these scales and chords, along with basic hammered dulcimer percussion skills, using beautiful and interesting reels and jigs, and old-time and Celtic tunes. These songs are the best kind of drills!

Then we will move on to learn interesting arrangements that are a little more complicated, adding harmonies, arpeggio fills, and more advanced percussive embellishments.

Next we will learn to create simple arrangements, pulling all these skills together systematically but also adding some creativity and interest. This can be learned! I’ll show you how!

By this point, students will be ready for group work. As with our mountain dulcimer group, you’ll practice jam and ensemble skills in a supportive environment with friends of a similar skill and experience level, led by a patient and enthusiastic teacher. This is a valuable opportunity for socialization around the instrument and learning the skills, but also as preparation for visiting regional dulcimer festivals! Many of our students are beginning to travel to these fun events, and they will be ready to join in the jams and fun. (Note: The group class is free for students.)

All along the way, the student will work on wonderful performance repertoire, beyond the jam tunes and the short tunes that we’ll use for drills. We will be using sheet music created by professional and award-winning dulcimer musicians. These complex arrangements can each serve as a master class, helping the new hammered dulcimer player to develop their skills and to learn SO much more about the instrument. I will teach you the pieces, and bring out the lessons inherent in them, and help you improve your musicianship.

If you are interested, please contact me for a free first lesson! I would be happy to show you various methods and styles that I play, and talk with you about how you could get started playing this beautiful instrument.


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Contact Info:
Please contact me if you have any questions, or if you’re ready to sign up! Email me at chicoryfolkmusic@gmail.com with your name, your contact preferences such as whether to email or call or text, and a good time to reach you if you’d like me to call.